All-Natural Treatments

Prestige Pest Control offers all-natural treatment options for many of our pest control and removal services. We understand the increasing importance placed on limiting exposure to chemicals and protecting the environment. We offer plant-based or biochemical treatment options, so that you can eliminate or minimize the risk to your family, pets and the environment from any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Bed Bug Removal

Our bed bug removal service can use a combination of non-chemical treatments, such as steam and vacuuming, and biochemical treatment, using Aprehend®, which is a nontoxic biopesticide composed of a formulation of fungal spores. 

Termite Control

Our termite control service has various methods that we can utilize that are green or all-natural. Please contact us to inquire about which methods would best fit your needs.

Pest Control

For pest control, we can use plant-based repellents to protect your home from bugs, while keeping your family and the environment safe from chemicals. One product that we use is Nature-cide® 25(B), which is an insecticide made from essential oils. We also use other products that meet the requirement of USDA National Organic. 

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control service has the option to use biochemical treatment using the In2Care® Mosquito Trap, which is an easy-to-use, safe, green and effective tool for controlling mosquitoes around your home. This robust design is hassle-free and uses the mosquito itself to carry the active ingredients to kill other mosquitoes.

If you are interested in all-natural pest treatments, please contact us to discuss the options available for your home or business.