Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Products

Prestige Pest Control is your best source for professional-grade DIY pest control supplies. We carry highly effective commercial-quality items, which you can purchase at our location in Pooler, GA. We have many affordable pest control solutions, and we are dedicated to providing homeowners with the information you need to manage your own pest control. 

We can supply you with solutions that work to get rid of pests and insects, while saving you money on treatments and services. Our products are safe and easy to use and are the same products used by professional pest control companies at a fraction of the cost. 

We recommend using a professional, but realize that there is a market for people that want to treat their home themselves. Whether you need to treat for roaches, termites, bed bugs, flies or ants, we can help! Come visit us today at our Pooler location.

Our selection of DIY pest control supplies

Our selection of DIY pest control supplies

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